Geofencing Marketing: Where Ads Get ‘Fenced In’ by Technology

Imagine this: you are minding your own business while strolling down the street when suddenly, your smartphone beeps with a tempting offer from the coffee shop you just passed. How did geofencing marketing manage to find you in the first place? Read more now for propellant media

What Exactly Does It Mean to Market Using Geofencing?

The concept of geofencing in marketing is analogous to erecting an invisible fence around a specific location and sending tailored advertisements to anybody who enters that fence’s boundaries. It’s almost as if you have a well-mannered but slightly pushy salesman following you about all day on your smartphone, muttering tempting offers into your ear as you go about your day.

When Geography Collides with Creativity

Imagine you’re walking around a shopping mall when suddenly, your phone beeps and displays the following message: “Psst! Would you like a deal on those sneakers you’ve been eyeing?” This is an example of geofencing in action. Don’t believe the myth that geofencing can only be used in the retail industry. Even the real estate industry has jumped on the geofencing bandwagon recently. You are casually strolling past an open home when suddenly. Because the property’s characteristics are displayed on your phone, you start to wonder whether it possesses some clairvoyant ability regarding real estate.

The marketing strategy known as geofencing has both a severe and whimsical side. Imagine you are waiting in line at a festival that features food trucks, and your phone begins to ring with the following message: “Hungry? A complimentary upgrade to guacamole is being provided by the taco truck located just around the corner. Your phone has suddenly become your assistant in the kitchen.

Concerns about personal privacy cannot be ignored in the digital realm. It’s like having a stalker who’s good with technology, and it’s not exactly what anyone signed up for. The use of geofencing in marketing is comparable to the use of GPS. It is chic and sassy, and the location, location, location is the most critical factor in its success. Just remember that even though your phone may be able to pinpoint your location, it has yet to learn what you had for breakfast. Yet.